exposing system time zone

Norbert Lindenberg ecmascript at lindenbergsoftware.com
Tue Jun 17 19:16:34 PDT 2014

On Jun 17, 2014, at 17:28 , David Herman <dherman at mozilla.com> wrote:

> This was brought up on specifiction:
>    http://discourse.specifiction.org/t/navigator-timezone/152
> Does anyone know why it was left out of the first version of the Intl API? Just for lack of time? Is it planned for the next edition? Are there tricky issues around standardizing IANA time zones, or around incompatibilities between different OSes?

At the time we decided on the feature set for the first edition, Windows and IE did not support the IANA time zones. Microsoft agreed to support them for the second edition, and they are in the draft for that edition:

> Interesting questions in that thread about what to do about time zone changes. An event for time zone changes seems important, but we don't currently have any precedent for standard library events in ECMAScript. Maybe that remains the purview of web APIs. But if we do expose the TZ via a standard API, it should have some way of dynamically querying the current TZ rather than just fixing the time zone at some random point in time.

We haven’t discussed how to handle time zone changes, and I don’t know whether all operating systems now provide notifications when the user changes the time zone. It seems this would also be an issue for the existing Date methods that use the local time zone.


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