ES6 modules (sorry...)

Juan Ignacio Dopazo jdopazo at
Tue Jun 17 06:51:03 PDT 2014

There are two options for prefetching dependencies without having to wait for "load" and "parse":

1) Assume none of your modules use the loader object for loading other modules, parse them during deployment and get the dependency graph.
2) Use what Guy calls a "tracer" that executes your app during development and stores the dependency graph as it goes, which takes into account calls to loader.import().

As for bundling but you can use loader.define() which takes the name of the module and its source code, ie:

System.define('module1', 'export var answer = 42;');
System.define('module2', 'export var answer = 43;');

There are a couple of issues around this though. The main issue is that you can't call System.define('foo', ...) during foo's import lifecycle. But I think these can be fixed.

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