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Thu Jun 12 08:44:29 PDT 2014

On Jun 12, 2014, at 8:33 AM, André Bargull wrote:

>> I'd be most interested in seeing if we can remove IsConstructor entirely (except for uses where it's just a guard, implementing the semantics of `new` via IsConstructor -> [[Construct]] or throw).
>> It seems like there's at least some movement toward removing it from `Array.of` and `Array.from`. All that remains is its use to preserve the `arrayInstance.constructor = undefined` backward-compatibility possibilities. My preference would be to see if we can get away with breaking that use case, and reintroduce it if that turns out not to be web-compatible.
> The [[Realm]] check in Array.prototype.* is even more annoying than the IsConstructor guard, but unfortunately required for web-compatibility per [1]. :-(
> [1]

Yes! Please don't rock the boat with regard to this stuff.  It's all there to address real compatibility issues.  


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