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Actually, that is something that I do understand. esdiscussions *can* be unproductive and emotional. Thus: it’s a tricky balance – getting work done vs. keeping everybody informed and getting feedback. I don’t believe in design by democracy.

David Herman has mentioned on Twitter that he’ll write up the rationales for the decisions in a Gist in the coming week. I’m looking forward to reading that.

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> On a meta level, I'm continually frustrated by the fact that participants in the module design refuse to share their ideas on es-discuss until a TC39 meeting review is posted (which usually coincides with some kind of "resolution").  Community input is a good thing, right?
> On Sat, Jun 7, 2014 at 11:29 PM, Kevin Smith <zenparsing at> wrote:
> we should have some concrete examples in about a week, in the meantime, here are the "informal" notes from the breakout session about modules (from two days ago): 
> Thank you for providing this link.  I see several names that I do not recognize as TC39 members from previous meeting notes.  May I ask who is currently working on the module design?
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