A bit confused by B.3.2 - Web Legacy Compatibility for Block-Level Function Declarations

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Fri Jun 6 18:30:30 PDT 2014

Great thanks for the links.  I missed or had forgotten the Jan 2014
summary.   The summary for that discussion is pretty clear that the
functions have two bindings (a block local one and a function scope one, if
it can) and I assume that is what the spec is trying to specify.

Specifically, within the block the function is locally bound so case like:

for (let x = 0;x<10;x++) {
  function f() {return x};
  storeF(function() {return f});

will work with block semantics, but references like:

if (x) {
  function f() { return 1 }
} else {
  function f() { return 2 }

will still "work" (for some definition of "work").  I had previously
thought it was "either or".  There is still a sharp edge but not one that
will break folks trying to use block scoped function declarations.

This seems like a pretty good compromise.

  Or a link to the discussion that led to the content of this section?

There have been multiple discussions on this topic, on both es-discuss and
during TC39 meetings, so it's hard to point to a single discussion. For


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>* Is there any place that has some concrete examples of the different cases
*>* we are trying support with this section (and whether the function is block
*>* scoped or not in each case)?*
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