Safari 8 ES6-ish implementation.

C. Scott Ananian ecmascript at
Wed Jun 4 13:08:34 PDT 2014

So... Safari 8's betas were just released.  It contains a partial ES6
implementation -- but one which fails many of `es6-shim`s test cases.  See

Is anyone on es6-discuss in contact with the Safari team?  Can we get
Safari 8 made spec-compliant before release, so that es6-shim doesn't have
to shim around a broken implementation?

In particular:
* `ArrayIterator` is exposed as a global
* `Array#find` and `Array#findIndex` don't work right on sparse arrays or
array-like objects
* Possibly some bugs in `Array#keys` / `Array#values` / `Array#entries`
(haven't looked into this yet)
* `Promise#all` seems to be following the "old" version of the ES6 spec,
before it was made robust against tampering.
* Subclassing `Promise` appears to be unsupported (quel surprise).  [I
don't really expect them to fix this one, although I've posted earlier how
it is possible.]
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