ES6 accuracy of special functions

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> Clear rules would also help in discussions like this one:
> Background:
> V8 implemented a new version of sin and cos, which is faster, but does
not have the precision many user want.
> One of the comments (#8) said about precision:
> - The ECMA script specification clearly states that Math.sin/cos are
implementation-dependent approximations. There is no guarantees required
regarding precision.
> I think, this feels a little bit odd, because where do we draw the line
between performance and precision?
> So, again clear rules (even if they are not as strict as in Java), would
help a lot.

Yes. There are no requirements, but the spirit of the spec is clearly to be
accurate or at least no worse than fdlibm.

Carried to the extreme, this lack of requirements allows implementations to
be conforming even if all functions returned 0 everywhere. Fortunately, no
one does that.

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