"use es6"; Any plans for such a mode?

Brendan Eich brendan at mozilla.org
Tue Jul 29 12:20:49 PDT 2014

Christoph Martens wrote:
> Also, you could solve the typeof null; problem with such a thing 
> without invalidating legacy code.

You missed the whole previous lifetime many of us lived :-P.

http://esdiscuss.org/topic/es6-doesn-t-need-opt-in (1JS o.p. -- note 
that some aspects are out of date)

http://esdiscuss.org/topic/use-strict-2 (just one of many rehashes)

https://www.google.com/search?q="versioning+is+an+anti-pattern" (good in 

It's not clear whether you were proposing

   use es6;


   "use es6";

but I think you meant the latter -- yet that would be ignored by pre-ES6 
implementations under the hypothesis, so typeof null would still have to 
be "object".

There's no issue with typeof uint8 changing across implementation 
versions. Indeed typeof is one way to "object-detect" and fall back on a 
shim (if possible), AKA polyfill.


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