Manipulation of the execution context stack

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Mon Jul 21 14:35:42 PDT 2014

On Mon, 21 Jul 2014, Allen Wirfs-Brock wrote:
> > 
> > Is there a more up to date version I can look at? I couldn't quite 
> > work out what the canonical file to look at was. I've been using this:
> I just release a new PDF draft Friday at 

Ah, cool, thanks.

(Is there a URL that will always point to the very latest version, by any 

> >> is always initialized (by NextJob) with an empty execution context 
> >> stack.
> > 
> > What step in NextJob does this? It seems that step 3 asserts it, but 
> > step 1 doesn't seem to affect the stack, and step 2 refers to the 
> > "suspend" prose, which seems mostly non-normative (I can't quite tell 
> > it's normative status -- there's no step-by-step algorithms, which 
> > seems to be the way the ES spec indications normativity, but there's 
> > no RFC2119-style prose either, so I can't tell the descriptive 
> > statements in that section from the prescriptive ones).
> It's because NextJob is only supposed to be used within an Job 
> initiation abstract operation that is passed to EnqueueJob.  So, since 
> we start with an empty stack in 8.5 and each job each returns/unwinds to 
> its starting context it flows like this
> <empty stack>
> create dummy root context
> 8.5 Initialization, does stuff

The "does stuff" in particular includes step 5, "Push newContext onto the 
execution context stack".

> returns/unwinds to dummy root context


> NextJob, deletes dummy root context


Step 3 of NextJob says "Assert: The execution context stack is now empty", 
but I don't see anything that undoes the effect of 8.5's step 5, which 
makes it not empty. I admit I haven't made an exhaustive search of all the 
algorithms directly and indirectly called by 8.5. I started trying to 
trace all the steps between 8.5:5 and NextJob:3 in this e-mail, but that's 
a lot of calls so it's probably not worth including here.

Do you have a precise pointer to the actual step that unwinds the stack?

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