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Fri Jul 18 14:08:43 PDT 2014

The Rev26, July 18, 2014 ES6 Draft Specification is now available at: 

 Changes include:

Terminology change: “Task” is replaced by “Job”.
GetMethod now treats null and undefined equivalently as meaning no method available.
Eliminated the ability of Proxy handlers to extend the set of property descriptor attributes they expose vis [[GetOwnProperty]]
Added invariant checks for Proxy [[OwnPropertyNames]] internal method
Revisited @@unscopable support in Object Environment Records
Updated Annex C (strict mode summary) WRT ES 6 changes and extensions.
Eliminated duplicate property name restrictions on object literals and class definitions
For-of now throws if iterable value is null or undefined (also reverted comprehensions to throwing for that case)
Date.prototype.toString now uses NaN as its time value when applied to an object with out a [[DateValue]]
Function poision-pill caller and arguments properties are now configurable
await is a FutureReservedWord when parsing and Module is the syntactic grammar goal symbol
Better integration of O.p.toLocaleString and String.p.toLocaleString with Ecma-402
Annex B support for function declarations in IfStatmentClauses
Annex B (and 13.12) support for legacy labelled FunctionDeclarations.
Another round of updates to 9.2.13 FunctionDeclarationInstanations to fix various scoping bugs.
Updated Symbol conversions: aSym == “not a symbol” produces false. var s=Symbol(); s==Object(s) produces true. foo”+aSymbol or aSymbol+”foo” throws TypeError. Symbol @@toPrimitive returns the wrappered symbol value. ToNumber(aSymbol) throws.
Spread now works on strings: var codeUnits = [...”this is a string”];
yield * now works with strings: function * getchars(str) {yield * str}
Added name property for bound functions in F.p.bind. Fixed bugs in generating length property in F.p.bind
Tweaked Script GlobalDeclarationInstantiations to deal with error situations that could arise from misusing proxies for the global object.
Added an informative generator function based definition for ordinary object [[Enumerate]]
Changed handling of NaN returned from a sort comparefn to match web reality. See bug
Generator object return method/For-of/in loops use return method on generators
Resolved bugs: 3010, 3004-3000, 2992, 2990-2988, 2984-2983, 2981-2980, 2978-2977, 2975, 2971-2948, 2946-2937, 2935-2922, 2919, 2917, 2915, 2910-2891, 2888-2884, 2880, 2875, 2840, 2828, 2813, 2811, 2803, 2799, 2778-2777, 2721-2720, 2718-2717, 2682, 2636, 2634, 2594-2592, 2590-2589, 2587, 2564, 2488, 2411, 2365, 2360, 2324, 2315, 2080, 2053, 2049, 1797, 1789, 1762, 1459, 1444-1443, 1341, 1267-1266, 1142, 977, 944, 522, 519

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