C. Scott Ananian ecmascript at
Thu Jul 17 14:12:01 PDT 2014

Note that the original use case relies on the "cache" throwing an
exception if the entry is not found.  If the cache instead returns
`Promise.race()` (that is, a never-fulfilled promise) for
entry-not-found, then `Promise.race(tryCache(), tryNetwork())` just

I'm not fond of the rejection handling of the `bluebird` utility
functions `Promise.some()` and `Promise.any()`.  I considered them for
`prfun` and decided that I didn't want to support this API.

Note also that the matter of merging/reporting all the rejections is
awkward; `bluebird` uses a new `AggregateError` class for this.  And
as was mentioned earlier, there's no good way to get the set of all
rejections is the result eventually resolves.

But I would support some variant on bluebird's `Promise.some()` that
generalized `Promise.race` to a specific number of fulfilled promises.
I think preserving the "reject if any reject" behavior of
`Promise.race` is important, but an ES7 `Promise.some(n)` could return
an array of length `n` with the first `n` promises to be fulfilled.
  --scott  (who goes off to try implementing that in `prfun`)

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