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Hi all,

[Jake Archibald recently pointed out][1] that the promise returned by
`Promise.race` is rejected if any of the promises passed to `Promise.race`
get rejected before one was resolved. So in the following example:

var p = Promise.race([
    new Promise(function(_, reject) { reject(new Error("boom!")); }),
    new Promise(function(resolve) { setTimeout(resolve, 1000, "foo"); })

`p` will be rejected with error `"boom!"` (instead of being resolved with
value "foo").

Although this seems to fit some use case, it doesn't work when the aim is
to resolve `p` with whichever promise resolves first and only reject `p`
when all promises have failed. For example, when doing a cache lookup and
racing it against the network, you want to display the data from whichever
source resolves first, and only display a fallback resource when neither
the cache nor the network are available.

In the same thread, [Tab Atkins mentioned][2] `Promise.any` fulfills this
use case and was briefly discussed within TC39 before being abandoned.

I'd imagine a pseudo implementation would look something like the below,
though you might want to surface all of the errors somehow.

Promise.any = function(promises) {
    return new Promise(function(resolve, reject) {
        var count = promises.length, resolved = false;
        promises.forEach(function(p) {
            Promise.resolve(p).then(function(value) {
                resolved = true;
            }, function() {
                if (count === 0 && !resolved) {
                    reject(new Error("No promises resolved successfully."))

Would TC39 be willing to (re)consider adding something like this to the



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