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Tue Jul 1 09:31:15 PDT 2014

joe wrote:
> If we're going to have convenience multiples of PI, they should be a) 
> non-ideological, and b) include more than one (PI/2 comes up a lot in 
> vector math, for example).
> Why not have:
> Math.PI
> Math.DPI //double pi


> Math.HPI //half pi

ETA, conventionally.

> Or perhaps we should just let people define their own constants.  This 
> does seem a bit silly.

The ideology is silly, or worse.

Don't worry, as a champion (advocate for spec-canonization of a 
proposal), I will face an advocatus diaboli -- probably many. I'll also 
make sure to balance the proposal by listing other candidates for Math 
(erf, gamma, ETA) and sorting by observed frequency of use, importance 
as built-in vs. self-hosted, etc.

I hope people can hold fire now and let es-discuss focus on better 
topics. But if you have something related to Math to propose, please 
start a new thread.

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