Why is "sparse" still part of the description for [[ArrayIterationKind]]?

Qantas 94 Heavy qantas94heavy at gmail.com
Wed Jan 29 02:38:54 PST 2014

I'm not sure whether this is a bug or it's still open, so I've posted it
here first -- sorry if this has already been discussed, I've tried to find
related threads and bug reports but to no avail.

As of Rev 22 of the ES6 spec, [[ArrayIterationKind]] is described as
follows (§

> A string value that identifies what is to be returned for each element
> of the iteration. The possible values are: "key", "value", "key+value",
> "sparse:key", "sparse:value", "sparse:key+value".

I haven't seen the "sparse" forms being referenced anywhere else, so I'm
just checking whether they're actually needed or not. Is this just an
oversight, or is it actually significant?
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