detecting JS language mode for tools

Brendan Eich brendan at
Mon Jan 27 19:24:11 PST 2014

John Barton wrote:
> Why can't <script type='module'> mean "If we see import/export/module 
> statements then we will will not evaluate the body synchronously."? 
> That way we avoid the jank with new code just as we do with two 
> parsing goals and yet we don't need two parsing goals.

We could do this, but then refactoring from no-exports to exports, or 
no-imports to imports, changes order of execution. Surprising, 
undesirable without good reason (having one entry point to the grammar, 
or two instead of three if you count HTML event handlers, is not a good 

Note also that type="module" does not fly, the type attribute wants a 
media type value.


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