detecting JS language mode for tools

Brendan Eich brendan at
Mon Jan 27 19:22:02 PST 2014

Kevin Smith wrote:
>         Because it is js everywhere. Pick any file in an
>         AMD/require.js system and you can parse it.
>     ES6 cannot support require as a function that synchronously loads
>     from the filesystem, and I think you know this.
> Without a new extension, you cannot "import" from an old-style module 
> in the browser or the server.  One must know a priori how to parse the 
> file before one parses the file.  Old-style modules cannot (in 
> general) be parsed as ES6 modules, and ES6 modules (in general) cannot 
> be parsed as old-style modules.

Yes, so?

My argument was that Node.js has both non-module and module files with a 
common suffix, .js.

You are mixing compatibility with "consistency" arguments.


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