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> I'm trying to figure out what is the current status of ES6 especially that next draft was released. As I understand this is not yet a "Candidate Draft" this presentation mentions? So my question is - is there some timetable/roadmap for the ES6? Also is it still possible that new things like Symbols and Modules will be dropped or work very differently then in current draft? Or is it just a matter of maturing stuff and any other changes will be pushed to ES7 (like this slides seem to suggest)?
> Also what is the status of strawman/harmony pages on ES wiki? They all are proposals for ES6, right? Or can I just assume that all/most things in strawman won't make it to ES6 and will be pushed to ES7? Or should they all be treated as loose notes? I'm just not sure what to follow and to what extent.

I can probably give a better update after this week's TC39 meeting.

The January 22 draft is very close to feature complete WRT public service area. There are only a few unresolved issues such as the public naming for %Realm% and %Loader%. Most of the semantic specification is in place except that the for(;;) and variable instantiation specs still need to be updated. Throughout the spec, some details may change over the next few months as the spec. is reviewed and implementation experience accumulates.  No major deletions or redos are contemplated unless something unexpected turns up.  It this point if anything requiring a major redesign would probably get deferred to ES7.

The harmony proposals and old ES6 strawman wiki pages are generally not being actively maintained. Look to the ES6 drafts as the definitive source.  Also you may want to check open issues on the ES6 spec at . The current strawman page contains ideas for  post ES6.  However, TC39 has a new development process and staged development model we intend to follow for post ES6 work.  We will probably rollout new web infrastructure to support it.  Stay tuned for more details.

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