ES6 timetable and current status

Maciej Jaros egil at
Sun Jan 26 17:19:57 PST 2014


I'm trying to figure out what is the current status of ES6 especially 
that next draft was released. As I understand this is not yet a 
"Candidate Draft" this presentation mentions 
<>? So my question is - is 
there some timetable/roadmap for the ES6? Also is it still possible that 
new things like Symbols and Modules will be dropped or work very 
differently then in current draft? Or is it just a matter of maturing 
stuff and any other changes will be pushed to ES7 (like this slides seem 
to suggest <>)?

Also what is the status of strawman/harmony pages on ES wiki? They all 
are proposals for ES6, right? Or can I just assume that all/most things 
in strawman won't make it to ES6 and will be pushed to ES7? Or should 
they all be treated as loose notes? I'm just not sure what to follow and 
to what extent.

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