Reason why generators do not have references to themselves?

Brandon Benvie bbenvie at
Thu Jan 23 17:25:58 PST 2014

On 1/23/2014 4:46 PM, Domenic Denicola wrote:
> Task.js is still on "JavaScript 1.8," and is not ES6-compatible. It won't work with modern browsers, or with Regenerator.

For most uses, Task.js's Task.spawn can be replaced with a smaller 
helper function:

function spawn(thunk) {
   return new Promise(function(resolve, reject) {
     var gen = thunk();

     function _next(v) {
       return handle(;

     function _throw(e) {
       return handle(gen.throw(e));

     function handle(r) {
       return r.done ? r.value : Promise.cast(r.value).then(_next, _throw);

     Promise.cast(_next()).then(resolve, reject);

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