SameValueZero comparator and compatibility

Brian Terlson Brian.Terlson at
Wed Jan 22 15:12:43 PST 2014

Andrea Giammarchi wrote:
> Wouldn't be wiser/simpler to put test262 files under Github instead of passing through a mailing list very hard to link against and point implementations?

The current plan of record as of the July meeting in Redmond is indeed to move Test262 to Github. Since then I have not had time to devote to the project, however Brandon Benvie has graciously volunteered to look into this and so I'm hopeful you will see something soon(tm).

There are some additional details here (such as a contributors' agreement, licensing of contributed test cases, and record-keeping requirements) that are being worked out with ECMA presently. I have put off documenting and evangelizing a decent process until this is complete. I believe once Test262 is on Github, coverage gaps and other bugs can be tracked with Issues and contributions submitted via Pull Request (and committed by ECMA members after review).

Brendan Eich wrote:
> Not sure how to give feedback on Chakra, but Brian (cc'ed) can help there.

If it's a Chakra issue I definitely appreciate an email! The official feedback channel for all of IE is [Connect](, although it's mostly just a slower way to email me.

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