Standard modules?

David Bruant bruant.d at
Tue Jan 21 01:25:20 PST 2014

Le 20/01/2014 23:16, Kevin Reid a écrit :
> SES needs to visit every 'primordial' / 'singleton' object to ensure 
> they're made immutable and harmless. (Other 'meta' code might also 
> benefit though I don't know of any examples offhand.)
> This job is easier if all such objects are reachable via traversing 
> data properties.
> ES5 contains only one object which this is not true of:
Beware, I've heard that the browser contains many more of these objects. 
See discussion starting at
In a nutshell, WebIDL defines the "NoInterfaceObject" which, when 
reified in ECMAScript means that a prototype object exists, but it can't 
be found via <Interface>.prototype (since <Interface> is not defined as 
a global). I imagine the only way to find these is create an instance 
and the Object.getPrototypeOf. It's apparently used in WebGL sometimes.
I imagine there is a complete repository of WebIDL files somewhere 
(Moz/Blink codebase, maybe W3C, maybe alongside the WebGL spec) you can 
use to list all of these interfaces. How to create the different 
instances is another story.


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