Standard modules?

Allen Wirfs-Brock allen at
Sun Jan 19 19:21:49 PST 2014

On Jan 19, 2014, at 6:03 PM, Kevin Smith wrote:

> I'm inclined to say this has missed the train for ES6.
> That may be fine.  It seems like we would use a little more experience with ES6 modules before we tackle this.
> Definitely.  It appears that the only thing in the ES6 draft which mentions standard modules is GeneratorFunction.  Will that be specified as a property of the global object in the next draft

It isn't clear that there much need for a global name for GeneratorFunction.  If you really eed to access it can always get it via:

   (function *() {}).constructor

(as the always helful generator UMO diagram at tells us)

The two names that I think are still up in the air (as to whether they are globals) are Realm and Loader

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