Rename Number.prototype.clz to Math.clz

Brendan Eich brendan at
Fri Jan 17 17:26:45 PST 2014

Adam Ahmed wrote:
> Just noting that this actually works:
>  Math.ceil(Math.log(0 + 1) / Math.LN2) === 0
> However:
> Math.ceil(Math.log(-1 + 1) / Math.LN2) === -Infinity

That's pretty sweet, but then try -2 or -3 or below and you get NaN.

> Not sure how that affects a Negative NaN-cy option :)


I think we should make sure (per Jason and Jens) that, given type 
inference or asm.js-style type-checking, we can select a single common 
machine instruction. After that, we should consider more abstract 
"prettiness" properties such as the one you show for -1. And given the 
-Infinity then NaN inconsistency, perhaps NaN wins. But Jens' point 
about Infinity (bit length in two's complement infinite precision of any 
negative number) is strangely compelling.

Need to hear from type-inference and asm.js gurus. Cc'ing a few. The 
issue is, given


where x has inferred type int32, what do we need in the way of a guard 
for negative values? We need something, we cannot use BSR directly 
without getting 32 for -1.


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