Operator overloading for non-value objects

Sebastian Markbåge sebastian at calyptus.eu
Tue Jan 14 23:35:56 PST 2014

At risk of derailing the conversation with a tangent... I don't understand
the premise. Why is it so important that URLs are mutable? (Other than
already being drafted that way.)

We're seeing major performance and reliably improvements by going for more
immutable types in both our server and client apps. The React library
relies heavily on the properties of immutability.

In fact, we even want to prevent our developers from using existing mutable
APIs that are known to be error prone. Primarily Date which is a terrible
mutable API.

We would like to see more DOM and ES APIs embrace immutability. In the
future we would also like to propose more convenience APIs, performance
improvements and possibly syntax for making immutable data (such as
persistent data structures) easier to work with.
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