Value objects: roll your own?

Brendan Eich brendan at
Sun Jan 12 22:04:18 PST 2014

Andrea Giammarchi wrote:
> "the call is ambiguous and an error is thrown" .. that's OK, but this 
> is assuming you know upfront all libraries in the game, right?

No, this is just a matter of loading point2d's value class declaration, 
then point3d's.

It's fine to have methods defined for various combinations, but defining 
them twice, with different bodies even (different dynamic return types), 
is an error.

> Now, how about modules? Would this approach cause unknown possible 
> conflicts all over?

It doesn't matter whether you put the value classes in modules or at top 

> I understand the Python approach might not solve this neither,

Double dispatch doesn't solve anything here, it requires writing 
point2d.add and point2d.radd as well as the same for point3d, and 
typecase'ing in all four on the other argument's runtime type. And then 
you're stuck sending a PR, when point4d comes along.


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