Behavior of `eval` in non strict mode.

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Thanks, this clarifies things. I'll update the answer on SO to reflect the

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> Thanks for the reply.
>> I'd actually expect `undefined` because function declarations does not
>> return anything. Converting it to a function expression kind of misses the
>> point since those are well... expressions :)
>> I've tried looking in all the relevant places in the spec but still
>> couldn't unambiguously figure out which browser is 'correct'.
> There are a few edge cases in reference resolution which are not correctly
> implemented in most browsers. Your example is basically the same as test
> case 2 from The
> relevant section in the specification is "12.13.4 Runtime Semantics:
> Evaluation": The left hand side of an assignment is always evaluated before
> the right hand side. This includes resolving and remembering the reference
> information for an identifier reference. In this case the identifier
> reference resolves to a binding on the global object, so assignment must be
> performed on the global, even if a (direct) eval expression introduces new
> bindings with the same name in the current scope.
> - André
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