Behavior of `eval` in non strict mode.

Brendan Eich brendan at
Fri Jan 10 17:40:05 PST 2014

André Bargull wrote:
> There are a few edge cases in reference resolution which are not 
> correctly implemented in most browsers. Your example is basically the 
> same as test case 2 from 
> The relevant section 
> in the specification is "12.13.4 Runtime Semantics: Evaluation": The 
> left hand side of an assignment is always evaluated before the right 
> hand side. This includes resolving and remembering the reference 
> information for an identifier reference. In this case the identifier 
> reference resolves to a binding on the global object, so assignment 
> must be performed on the global, even if a (direct) eval expression 
> introduces new bindings with the same name in the current scope.

Has anyone filed bugs against V8 and Chakra?


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