Brendan Eich brendan at mozilla.com
Tue Jan 7 06:28:02 PST 2014

Andreas Rossberg wrote:
> On 23 December 2013 03:17, Alex Kocharin<alex at kocharin.ru>  wrote:
>> >
>> >  That's something I never really understood when I was reading ES5 spec, where -0 is a special case, and a sole reason why `x === Number(String(x))` is not true for all numbers.
> NaN is another special case. IEEE equality is just broken,

... in your hardware, all of it.

Standards from the last days of Disco, like Disco, will never die.

>> >  Why isn't it stringified as "-0"? How did that happen? Do somebody really check if something is less than zero using "-" in string representation?
> Lacking true integers, that would break JavaScript's poor man's
> emulation of arrays.

C'mon, that's not the reason. Hardly anyone generates -0 as an index and 
expects it to index a[0] for some array a. Things to complain about! :-P


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