classes and enumerability

Brendan Eich brendan at
Wed Dec 24 15:52:04 PST 2014

Rick Waldron wrote:
>     The question is: what should ES6 classes choose as the default? What's
>     the most useful default, independent of various backward-looking
>     consistencies? What, if the future is bigger than the past, would
>     be best?
> Put in these terms, I still think that maintaining status quo makes 
> sense. The future _is_ bigger than the past and this can be addressed 
> via annotations (maybe even in ES7?).

The question I'm raising is not answered by promising annotations, if 
the right long-term answer is that the annotation-free default should be 
non-enumerable. This is not something to defer based on hypothesized 
annotations -- we have to agree (in the general, consensus sense) on the 
right long-term default.


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