classes and enumerability

Kevin Smith zenparsing at
Wed Dec 24 13:49:36 PST 2014

> Here is the summary:
> Total Files Read:  11038
> Files Containing Explicit 'enumerable: false':  149
> Occurrences of 'enumerable: false' (and variants): 206

I love this kind of analysis - thanks!

My interpretation of this data is that non-enumerability isn't important
enough to bother with in the vast majority of cases.  It *may* still be
that non-enumerability is the least-surprise option for class methods, but
certainly users don't care enough about the issue currently to bother with
typing in "enumerable: false".

I'm still concerned about the refactoring hazard argument.  I think the
idea is that if I change some ES5-style class into an ES6-style class, then
I need to have good unit tests already in place to make sure that
non-enumerability won't break things.  Otherwise, I can't do the refactor.

What do we think about that one?

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