Any news about the `<module>` element?

Kevin Smith zenparsing at
Tue Dec 23 07:05:21 PST 2014

> Open questions:
> * how to fallback? ideally, we will need a way to detect modules support,
> equivalent to <noscript> in semantic.

Is there much interest in a fallback option?  I would think that the
typical web shop would have little to no interest in dual-delivering both
proper modules and transpiled modules.

(It seems to me that the logical next step is to get the front-end
community to normalize authoring JS in ES6 modules and transpiling for
delivery on the web.  We're not there yet, unfortunately.)

> * we need to reserve some resolution rules to support mappings and hooks
> in the future (e.g.: `import foo from "foo/mod.js"` will not work because
> `foo` will require loader configs or hooks to be defined, while `import foo
> from “./foo/mod.js”` and `import foo from “//”`
> <”> will work just fine).

Those rules sound good to me.  What's the open question?
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