What would a 1JS-friendly strict mode look like?

Bradley Meck bradley.meck at gmail.com
Fri Dec 19 09:08:57 PST 2014

Can you even deprecate sloppy mode? I know dev tools often use it to inject
the dev console extension APIs safely

On Fri, Dec 19, 2014 at 10:55 AM, Jason Orendorff <jason.orendorff at gmail.com
> wrote:
> AK> I think we should either deprecate one of the modes, or officially
> support multiple modes and provide a method to switch between them.
> MM> Feel free to consider sloppy mode deprecated. I do.
> CP> Well sure, but unfortunately it’s not going to just disappear :(
> MM> See how much good deprecating it did?
> ...and, scene.
> If I had a nickel for every time a conversation about web standards
> went exactly like this, I would be All Set For Lunch. For weeks.
> :)
> -j
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