HostGetSource and HostNormalizeModuleName

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Wed Dec 10 12:50:26 PST 2014

I owe everyone a draft of the loader semantics, but for now here's a way to
think about the interface between Ecma-262 and the loader spec: the "names"
the ES spec is talking about are *not* the names used by the loader or in
the registry. They are just GUIDs -- you can think of them as just being
references to the internal module record, but serialized as GUID strings.
AIUI Allen wanted to reify them as strings just to provide a more abstract
way for the loader spec to reference module records without actually
looking at their internals.

The actual loading happens -- completely asynchronously -- in the loader
spec, not in ECMAScript. The HostGetSource and HostNormalizeModuleName are
just retrieving an association that's assumed to be provided through other
means. Hopefully this will look clearer with an asynchronous loader spec to


On Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 4:57 AM, Guy Bedford <guybedford at> wrote:

> Do the HostGetSource and HostNormalizeModuleName functions allow for
> asynchronous completion, or are they expected to be synchronous?
> Specifically I'd be interested to hear if the browser loader would run its
> own dependency tree handling or if it should rely on these hooks implicitly
> managing the dependency tree for it.
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