How are modules imported from a ScriptBody without System?

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The situation that modules are in now is equivalent to the situation scripts are in. That is, the way that they are loaded, executed, parsed, embedded in other languages, etc. is not specified by the ECMAScript language specification, and is left for other specifications.

For the case of scripts, the answers to this are found in the HTML Standard. For modules, the corresponding spec has not yet been written.

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Without the System loader, it is no longer clear to me from within the spec how modules are supposed to be imported within normal scripts (e.g. in web pages).

Formerly, this was done via `System.import()`.

Also, this removal seems to have left quite a bit of spec equivalent to dead code, along with a few other inconsistencies, most notably a distinct disconnect between loading a ModuleBody and a ScriptBody, with no apparent way for a ScriptBody to load a ModuleBody. This concerns me a little.

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