iterating through object property values

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Wed Dec 3 09:23:54 PST 2014

It seems a bit late to add a default @@iterator to Object.prototype, but I guess it could work similar to Map.prototype.entries, if such a thing were to be added.

Have to be really careful adding things to Object.prototype, though — even when they’re non-enumerable, they can cause unexpected problems in code (code which probably ought to be using Object.create(null), but you know, doesn’t).

Caitlin Potter

> On Dec 3, 2014, at 12:07 PM, Mark Volkmann <r.mark.volkmann at> wrote:
> It seems the typical way to do this is:
> Object.keys(myObj).forEach(key => {
>   let value = myObj[key];
>   // Do something with value and/or key.
> });
> I don't see a new way to do this in ES6.
> Is it still being considered to add the methods "entries" and "values" to Object that return iterators?
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