Rev27 ES6 draft now available

Allen Wirfs-Brock allen at
Mon Aug 25 08:43:56 PDT 2014

Fixed scoping bug in for-of, catch clause, comprehensions WRT TDZ for iteration bindings. see bug:
For-in/for-of loop bodies can’t contain tail calls because of need to close the iterator on abrupt completion.
[[OwnPropertyKeys]] now returns a List rather than an Array
Tests of @@isRegExp are now based on ToBoolean(Get(obj, @@isRegExp)
Array find/findIndex no longer ignore array element holes.
Added %IteratorPrototype% that all built-in iterators inherit from.
Destructoring now performs ToObject on values to be destructured.
Array and generator comprehensions removed from language
Removed specification of Reflect.Realm
Object.assign ignores null and undefined source arguments
Added 16.1 that lists forbidden extensions.
Some editorial cleanup of Function.prototype.toString
Removed all explicit poison pill methods on functions (except for Function.prototype) and added 16.1 restrictions on such extensions.
String(aSymbol) now returns the symbol’s description. Does not change ToString(symbol) throwing ever where else.
aSymbol == Object(aSymbol) now is true, just like other wrapable primitives, see bug:
Tighten specification of when Array.prototype.sort is implementation defined
Revised @@unscopable semantics as per last TC39 meeting
Made it an error to reentrantly enter a generator via next/throw/return.
Further work on semantics of Generator return method in the context of yield*
The term “neutered” has been replaced with the term “detached”
Resolved bugs: 3142-3140, 3135-3133, 3131, 3128-3124, 3122-3120, 3117, 3115, 3111-3107, 3105, 3103-3098, 3096-3095, 3093-3092, 3090-3089, 3087-3082, 3080-3062, 3060-3016, 3012-3011, 3005, 2987, 2979, 2831, 2389, 2368, 1908, 523, 516, 513, 407, 91
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