Binding arrow functions.

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> On 8/24/14, 10:26 PM, Mark Everitt wrote:
>> The problem remains that arrow functions make
>> bind etc. unpredictable.
> I think part of Domenic's point is that return values of bind() also make
> bind (and call/apply for that matter) unpredictable.

More fundamentally, I guess you could say that every function that doesn't
use `this` makes `bind` unpredictable. Domenic's second example shows a
function like that.

I would argue that, if anything, arrow functions slightly improve
predictability: before arrow functions, the only way to meaningfully
"predict" the change in behavior that `bind` causes for a functions was by
looking at its source code *and by ensuring that the function hasn't been
bound already*. For arrow functions, you only need to inspect the source
code. (Granted, this probably isn't *that* much of a real-world
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