That First Next Argument

Brendan Eich brendan at
Fri Aug 22 11:43:36 PDT 2014

Kevin Smith wrote:
>     I think you'reright.  The fact that `yield` is reserved in ES5
>     strict mode is only relevant for non-generator functions.  We
>     could (now, but not latter) reserve another identifier
>     contextually within generator functions.  We just did something
>     similar with `await` within modules.
> So just hypothetically speaking, what would be a good choice for 
> reserved word?  I had `input`, but that seems like a too-common 
> identifier.

I think you're rushing things a bit. We don't necessarily want a single 
name reserved in context. Perhaps there's a better way that doesn't 
abuse yield or add an unwanted degree of freedom (or three -- don't want 
to get last yielded-value, that is a GC-leak honey trap; don't want 
either :-P).


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