Comprehensions, Where Art Thou?

Owen Densmore owen at
Thu Aug 21 10:09:27 PDT 2014

> Where are [methods called .lazy(), .concat(), .map(), .filter(), and
> .flatMap()] defined?  Is it intended that .map() and .flatMap() will
> be defined on all iterables?

Just in case it wasn't obvious from the repo, these are defined in
​ Lovely style.​

I have to admit that the sudoku demos were quite an eye opener in terms of
just what the features in es6 can do.

On the other hand, I agree with others that typical use of array
comprehensions are simple and fast
​(see fast.js) ​
due to not having function call overhead each iteration. I'm concerned that
the sexy use of yield and function* may not be as performant as simple

​   -- Owen​
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