Status/Thoughts on Guards?

Curtis Steckel steckel at
Tue Aug 19 19:00:53 PDT 2014

I've been spending time lately writing a lot of repeated validation code
for function parameters and using popular object schema validation
libraries like Joi ( which led me to
re-reading and thinking about strawman:guards (

**I'm curious what TC39 and the es-discuss' current thoughts and attitudes
towards guards is at the moment.**

They seem to come up every once in a while in TC39 notes, but usually only
through a tangential mention followed by a mix of "that would eliminate the
possibility of guards," "guards could work," "let's talk about something
else (not guards)."

I see that Dave Herman seems to have some opinions on guards and obviously
Waldemar has ideas (given his activity on the straw man). Anyone else?
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