ES6 module loader issues: preloading, and CSS imports

Brendan Eich brendan at
Tue Aug 19 11:14:14 PDT 2014

Google Postini quarantined three of your messages. I moderated them 
through and sender-whitelisted your email address.

Anyone (including me) in a similar boat, please mail me and I'll fix 
ASAP. I don't know who else can moderate. I just renewed admin access 
the other week when my own posts were quarantined.


Ian Hickson wrote:
> (For some reason, e-mails containing the following text have failed to
> make it to the es-discuss list. Not sure what's going on with that.
> Anyway, this is a new e-mail that contains more or less the same contents
> but changed a bit in case there's some filter or bug that the last e-mails
> were hitting.)

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