Modules and dependencies known before the load

Kevin Smith zenparsing at
Wed Aug 13 19:27:22 PDT 2014

> If I understand what you're saying correctly, then yes (assuming that
> those dependencies are also acted upon promptly, rather than only after
> "fetch" has returned).

I see two related abilities here, and I'm not quite sure if you want one of
them or both:

1) The ability to add nodes (and edges) to the dependency graph as the
graph is traversed by load operations.

For example, the user might declaratively indicate that a module depends
upon some stylesheet.  You might want to add a node to the graph
representing that stylesheet.

The structure of the graph has an effect on order-of-execution, though, so
adding edges can result in observable changes.

2) The ability to prefetch resources, given a URL which is currently

For example, the user might want to specify up-front a portion of the
dependency graph so that resources in that graph can be downloaded in

I don't think the current Loader spec allows either of those abilities.
 And it might be that the second doesn't really belong in the loader proper.
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