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Claude Pache claude.pache at
Tue Aug 12 07:27:21 PDT 2014

Le 12 août 2014 à 14:32, Perry Smith <pedzsan at> a écrit :

> Suppose I want to find "bind" in the spec, I open the spec up and search down looking for "bind" but I don't hit it in the table of contents.  If I did, I would stop and then hit the link and it would take me to
> The TOC has three levels e.g. it has 19.2.3 but not what is under it and there is no index that I'm aware of.  Curiously, there are 8 hits for "bind" in the TOC but not the one that I would guess 99% of the users will be looking for.
> Is there another way to find the definition of "bind" in the spec?  Yes… if I know where its at, I can find it but that what if I don't?
> One way to solve this is to make the TOC contain all of the section numbers and not just those within a limited depth.
> Perry

What you need here, is indeed an index rather than a TOC.

Usually, when I am in such a situation you describe, I scan the TOC, in order to find the more plausible section (or sections) where I could find the information I'm searching for. For that purpose, a more detailed TOC is unwanted, because it is already very long as it stands now.


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