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Perry Smith pedzsan at
Tue Aug 12 05:32:27 PDT 2014

Suppose I want to find "bind" in the spec, I open the spec up and search down looking for "bind" but I don't hit it in the table of contents.  If I did, I would stop and then hit the link and it would take me to

The TOC has three levels e.g. it has 19.2.3 but not what is under it and there is no index that I'm aware of.  Curiously, there are 8 hits for "bind" in the TOC but not the one that I would guess 99% of the users will be looking for.

Is there another way to find the definition of "bind" in the spec?  Yes… if I know where its at, I can find it but that what if I don't?

One way to solve this is to make the TOC contain all of the section numbers and not just those within a limited depth.


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