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Mon Aug 11 15:25:35 PDT 2014

I read that and still not convinced this is good for the web or developers.

Code will migrate to ES6, specially the one still maintained, and I am
personally against unmaintained code used in new projects ... so we simply
disagree in this basic concept: you believe that broken unmaintained
library from 2000 should work in ES6, I believe that such code should not
interfere with the future of the language specially after the language
decided to "break up" with its past (syntax) ...

this looks like a "one way toxic relationship" to me, metaphorically
speaking, a situation where only old code can benefit from instead of new
comers and/or the future of the language itself.

Once again, my 2 cents ... we had a chance to make it better all over, we
decided that old code should compromise the spec instead ... it's like
still supporting IE6 when nobody would spend a second to fix IE6 instead,
look how good that has been for the Web history.

Best Regards

On Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 9:40 PM, Brendan Eich <brendan at> wrote:

> Andrea Giammarchi wrote:
>> "Many times", and still does not make sense to me.
>> CoffeeScript and TypeScript added new things and solved others while new
>> ES6 syntax is simply broken not only in ES3 but in ES5 too and requires
>> same technique (transpiler) others used to solve many other gotchas too.
> Rehashing, I addressed this explicitly in words you bottom-cited.
> In your proposed alternative, as in ES6, a compiler is needed to target
> old browsers. No difference.
>  Why "we" demand the web to transpile **but** "we" don't solve problems
>> known since 1999 is still a mystery to me ... specially every time you end
>> your replies writing `1JS` ... in my opinion a meaningless utopia the
>> moment TC39 decided to break backward compatibility.
> You can't "solve the problems known since 1999". You again ignored what I
> wrote about "old code enduring, and intersection-compatible "any version"
> code likely predominating".
> Please read before you reply.
> /be
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