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> This should please people worried about ES6 being perceived 
> negatively: the tone in this thread is quite upbeat.
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I think what the JavaScript community completely misses is the 
difference between the WebAPIs and the language level. I mean, the 
broader audience thinks jQuery is JavaScript. Everybody thinks that 
those shitty WebAPIs are the language.

That's why it is really hard to get started with developing on a 
professional level. In C++, for example, I ordered the "C++ standard 
book" back then and I realized what the language was made for. After 
around 14 years of C++ development, I still have it laying around, 
because it is an excellent reference when you have no idea how to solve 
a problem.

But on the other hand I sold all my JS books, because they are 
worthless. None of the books tells you how a JIT compiler works, why 
valueOf() and toString() works that way or what the conceptual ideas 
behind prototyping is. Most of them make an introduction to it, but none 
of them show you actually how to use the advantages of the language. 
Every book I laid my eyes on tells you how to build a website in some 
way, and I personally think this is false.

Even if you do JavaScript on a professional level (hacking V8 with GL 
bindings and cross-compiling it) you still don't realize many concepts 
of the language. Other languages wouldn't make a "we don't wanna break 
the web, we can't change it" decision (refering to null and undefined 
and Typed Values here). They just give a shit on it, in favor of quality 
in design.

As far as I know, most languages make at least a transitioning version 
of it and change the behaviour afterwards, because you can't keep a good 
quality on a language level otherwise.

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