July 29 2014 TC39 Meeting Notes

Andy Wingo wingo at igalia.com
Fri Aug 8 05:26:35 PDT 2014


I would like to register a gripe.  I have been unhappy with my
interactions with TC39 since things started happening more in F2F
meetings and private mails than online.  I wish that people would do
things more on es-discuss.  As an example:

On Tue 05 Aug 2014 18:30, Rick Waldron <waldron.rick at gmail.com> writes:

> ## Short discussion about making generator.return() throw a special
> exception.
> DH: Want to bring up Andy Wingo's preference (discussed on es-discuss)
> for modeling return() as an exception rather than a return.
> General opposition.
> #### Conclusion/resolution
> - keep as is: return() method produces a return control flow, not an
> exception

No reason, no response on the list to the salient points, no response
from Dave Herman; too bad.

> ## Yield *
> AWB: Does an internal throw
> When a `generator.throw()` is called and the generator has a yield* the
> spec currently calls `throw` in the yield* expression
> DH: Call return() on the outer generator, delegates calling return() to
> the delegated `yield *`

This kind of proposal is particularly egregious as a
way-past-the-last-minute semantic change that was proposed only at a F2F
meeting without any other possible input, even from generators
"champions" (if I am that any more).  The discussion has people
participating that never post on the list.

Note that in this particular case the semantics of a return() are fully
specified with the old agreed semantics if return() is implemented as an

Grumpily yours,


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