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> Rick Waldron wrote:
>>    I'm cool with super() in methods, I forgot we disallowed naked
>>    `super`, and my gut says we would support it as equivalent to `this`.
>> To clarify, you don't mean `super === this`, right?
> The alternative is for bare `super` to denote the same-named superclass method bound to `this`. That enables the equivalence Allen wrote based on Brett's error citation:
>    let superSubmit2 = super; // Error: "Unexpected token ;"
>    superSubmit2(); // if no Error, this is equivalent to super()
> But that breaks the other equivalence:
>    super.method();  ====  do { let s = super; s.method(); }
> So you can see why bare `super` is currently illegal! (Want a better error message than the one Brett showed.)
> If we make bare `super` an error for now, in hopes of resolving this conflict of equivalences later, which way do we think we'll resolve? We ought to have an opinion now.

Given how much `super` does under the hood (if you call a method, you get a super/this hybrid), a stand-alone `super` may give people the wrong idea (and I don’t see how it would be useful). It may be better to provide access to [[HomeObject]] (via Reflect?).

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