Single import from modules without default export

Kevin Smith zenparsing at
Wed Aug 6 11:38:42 PDT 2014

> You know, I hate even suggesting any syntax changes at this point, but if
> we ditched the whole "default" thing, we could probably also get rid of the
> curlies:
>     import readFile, writeFile from "node:fs";
> And then "* as" would fit in naturally:
>     import * as FS, readFile from "node:fs";
> I think this might result in on overall better user experience.  I'll
> experiment with this from a parsing standpoint.

Easy.  The changes would be:

        import ModuleSpecifier ;
        import ImportList FromClause ;

        IdentifierName as ImportedBinding
        * as ImportedBinding

        export * FromClause ;
        export ExportList[NoReference] FromClause ;
        export ExportList ;
        export VariableStatement
        export Declaration

    // ImportClause removed
    // NamedImports removed
    // ExportClause removed

Overall, this would a huge simplification for the module syntax and a win
for users.  All those curlies become tiring on the eyes.
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