Brendan Eich brendan at
Tue Aug 5 11:04:51 PDT 2014

No Math.TAU in Harmony, per the meeting notes:

MarkM's argument fits on one line: "one letter shorter, not well known, 
not well taught. PI is known, taught and ubiquitous."

This is a courtesy FYI and (I hope) a tombstone for this thread. Don't 
rehash. New insights (they had better be new and good) in new thread.


Brendan Eich wrote:
> A Matías Quezada wrote:
>> Till: we can discuss that on another thread, we are missing the main 
>> point here...
> And everyone can stop extending this thread with rehashed points -- 
> please. No good will come of it.
> Apart from the module issue (Math is not going to become a module 
> object by default; such a change violates 1JS compatibility 
> constraints), the last nine messages have added nothing new.I'm sorry 
> to add a tenth, but apparently my plea to let this thread go quiet was 
> missed.
> /be

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